New Book ready for 3. Apr 15! What We Think About Global Warming – a new psychology of climate action

Why does knowing more mean believing—and doing—less? A recipe for change

The more disturbing facts that pile up about global warming, the greater the resistance to the issue. This paradox weakens support for climate policies and for preparing communities for the coming disruptions.

Most climate communications has failed to understand the way most humans actually think, act, and live in the world around them says psychologist and economist Per Espen Stoknes. With dozens of new examples — from business and communities — Stoknes shows how to retell the story of global warming and, at the same time, create positive, meaningful actions that can be supported even by deniers.

In What We Think About – When We Try Not to Think About – Global Warming, Stoknes first masterfully identifies the five main psychological barriers to climate action. Then he shows how to surpass the barriers with five new strategies for how to talk about global warming in ways that stimulate action and solutions, not despair and inaction.

Understanding human responses to climate change is now at least as urgent as understanding climate change itself. The time has come for a climate psychology that works with, rather than against, human nature. The new strategies are social, positive, and simple—making climate-friendly behaviors easy and convenient. They are also story-based, to help add meaning and create community, and include the use of signals, or indicators, to gauge feedback and be constantly responsive.

Whether you are working on the front lines of the climate issue, immersed in the science, trying to make policy or educate the public, or just an average person trying to make sense of the cognitive dissonance or grapple with frustration over this looming issue, What We Think About – When We Try Not to Think – About Global Warming moves beyond the psychological barriers that block progress and opens new doorways to social and personal transformation.

Preorder the book here (up to 3rd. Apr 2015):

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