About Green Growth

The interest for green business models is in strong growth internationally. In a number of countries there is a heated debate on how the financial production can become both profitable and eco -friendly. The old opposition between environment and profit is no longer valid. We are therefore witnessing a growing number of companies integrating environmental considerations in their strategies and hire environmental strategists.

This educational program provides necessary, research based and critical knowledge for profitable green growth in praxis. The program pays particular attention to management through green business models and strategies. In order to succeed with green growth, a well thought through result measurement and report system is required, along with innovations and new organization. We want to show that green strategy is inspiring and motivating for employees as new types of values are created.

Green Growth themes for MM on BI:
• How to evolve a green business strategy?
• How to secure profitable green growth in Nordic countries.
• Environmental management and motivation in green economy.
• Develop smart green ideas, innovative business models.
• New approaches to accounting: green accounting and alternative accounting.
• Ideology and motivation: how to achieve both profit and sustainability.
• Political strategies to accelerate transition to green economy.

For more information, go to: http://www.bi.no/grve

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