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  1. Dean Thomas

    Dear Mr. Stoknes,
    Thank you so much for the recent article published in Common Dreams about despair over the probable mass extinctions of species on our planet. As a lover of the natural world and geologist trained in understanding the history of change on the planet, it is not hard to imagine the horror of complete collapse of the ecosystem that sustains us. In California we are experiencing the worst drought ever recorded; according to tree ring data, one that has not occurred in millennia (when lack of moisture is combined with higher average temperatures). Saving the polar bears, 2,000-year old Juniper trees in the Sierra Nevada, or majestic whales is infinitely more important than freedom to drive big cars or live in big houses. It is hard to understand how some are so disconnected from nature and seemingly becoming more so with modern distractions. However, the earth will survive but possibly unlike anything we ever could imagine. Sadly, we are carrying innocent helpless species along with us towards the brink of collapse. Native peoples of the world predicted that western culture wouldn’t stop until doing so…… I hope your article unites people’s hearts and minds towards a new enlightenment. Thanks again, Dean Thomas,

    • Thomas Stoner, Jr

      Dear Mr. Stoknes,

      My name is Thomas H. Stoner, Jr., author of Small Change Big Gains and Project Butterfly. I am a serial entrepreneur having built several energy companies over my career. I am now engaged in a new web based platform on energy and climate. I have read your recent book with interest and would like you to take a peak at what I am up to, to see if it addresses some of the concerns you wrote about, specifically how debate or conversation is framed in the world of journalism.

      You can reach me at 001-303-304-7236

  2. Seamus Mac Cárthaigh

    Call ….. We need a new kind of stories, stories that tell us that nature is resilient and can rebound and get back to a healthier state, if we give it a chance to do so…..

    Response to help tell these stories … 1) PACC (Puppets against Climate Change). They will help us to gently tell important stories (and much more). For more info … contact Seamus at

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